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Solicitation Regulations


  • The license and ID cards issued by the police department DO NOT empower the holder to ignore “No Trespassing” signs or any lawful request to not trespass on private property. This includes signs posted at the entrance to subdivisions and/or individual homes and being verbally informed by the resident or other authorized person that the solicitation is unwelcome.

  • Each solicitor, employee or agent involved in the direct door-to-door solicitation shall display prominently on their outermost clothing, the issued Identification Card.

  • If a solicitor uses a vehicle in solicitation activities (such as transportation to and from various locations or the actual selling from the vehicle) there must be a sign located in a conspicuous place on or in the vehicle, identifying the name of the person, company or organization that the person represents.

  • The vendor and vendor’s employees and agents shall comply with all federal, state and local laws and regulations while engaging in door-t to-door solicitation.

  • Failure to follow any of these regulations could result in license revocation.

  • Call 571-2580 to report any complaints on the behavior or conduct of any solicitor and a police officer will be dispatched.

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